AEOC and Lester Bowie at the Saint Louis Jazz Club

Pictured (by Andrea Muti), the Art Ensemble of Chicago lineup with trumpeter Lester Bowie in concert in 1979 at the Saint Louis Jazz Club in Rome

The Saint Louis jazz club was founded in 1976 by a group of musicians and jazz enthusiasts-including Mario CiampĂ , who would later become its sole owner-who at that time regularly attended Rome’s Music Inn

Quickly establishing itself as one of the Capital’s landmark venues, the Saint Louis, between the 1970s and 1980s, hosted international jazz names such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Archie Sheep, Max Roach, Eddie Jones, Dizzy Gillespie

Note: Mario CiampĂ  complements the jazz club with a music school, with classes taught in the afternoons by the same musicians involved in playing at the club in the evenings

Photo taken from the book “Jazz moment” edited by Adriano Mazzoletti, Marco Molendini and Stefano Mastruzzi