Bill Evans at the Music Inn

Excerpt from the 1979 concert given by U.S. pianist and composer Bill Evans at the Music Inn in Rome

Bill Evans: piano/Marc Johnson: double bass/Joe LaBarbera: drums

Between 1975 and 1977, Bill Evans gave numerous concerts as part of international festivals and recorded several trio and solo piano records. Two years later, he was hired by Pepito Pignatelli to give three concerts at the Music Inn jazz club: one in the afternoon and two in the evening, at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively

The pianist, however, as soon as he had finished the ritual sound check, not happy with the piano’s very poor tuning due to the humidity in the venue, located in the basement of an ancient Roman palace, decided to leave the stage, heading toward the Lungotevere

Following insistence from Pepito Pignatelli and manager Alberto Alberti, who had joined him on the street, the American pianist was convinced to retrace his steps, to perform in the first scheduled concert

In the evening, however, during the second set, as soon as the performance of the classic “Autumn Leaves” was finishedAutumn Leaves” clearly annoyed by the precarious state of the piano keys, Bill Evans left the jazz club again, this time to return to the Cicero Hotel, where he was staying in those days

This time Alberto Alberti, meanwhile rushing to the hotel lobby, will not succeed in convincing Bill Evans to return to the Music Inn stage for the last set scheduled for 11 p.m.

The entire material recorded on the analog medium shared by Patrizia Scascitelli was digitized and restored by sound engineers at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome under the supervision of Paolo Marra, curator of the Archives of Jazz in Rome