Enrico Rava – Pupa or Chrysalis

Album entitled Pupa or Chrysalis by trumpeter and composer Enrico Rava. The record is released in 1975 on the RCA label.

Enrico Rava: trumpet/Rodolfo Mederos: bandeneon/Giovanni Tommaso, Herb Bushler, El Negro Gonzales: bass guitar/Bruno Biriaco, Jack DeJohnette, Nestor Astarita: drums/John Abercrombie, Ricardo Lew: electric guitar/Michele Ascolese: guitar/Mandrake, El Chino Ross, Ray Armando, Warren Smith: percussion/Franco D’Andrea, Matias Pizzarro: piano/David Horowitz: electric piano, synthesizer/Tommaso Vittorini: tenor sax, arrangements/Finito Ginbert: tenor sax, flute

Around the mid-1970s, Enrico Rava traveled between Italy, Argentina and the United States where he gave concerts and recorded records with local instrumentalist formations. The record work Pupa or Chrysalis is recorded in Rome (July 15 and 16, 1974), New York (December 1973) and Buenos Aires (April 1974)

The entire material recorded on analog media was digitized and restored by the sound engineers of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome under the supervision of Paolo Marra, curator of the Archives of Jazz in Rome