Free armed dangerous

Soundtrack created by Enrico Pieranunzi and Gianfranco Plenizio for the 1976 film “Free Armed Dangerous Men.

Gianfranco Plenizio: orchestral conducting/Enrico Pieranunzi: piano

In the mid-1970s, in addition to working as a session player in film studios recording music for films, Enrico Pieranunzi formed the group Pulsar with guitarist Silvano Chimenti and drummer Vincenzo Restuccia. The trio creates the soundtrack for the films “The Policewoman Makes a Career,” “Milano Violenta,” “TaxiGirl” , “Au pair girl”

In 1976, in collaboration with Maestro Gianfranco Plenizio, the Roman pianist composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film “Free, Armed, Dangerous,” starring Thomas Milian

Enrico Pieranunzi describes that professional page of his now decade-long career this way-“It was an interesting and in some respects amusing experience, Many of these musics after a long period of oblivion have made a comeback in various countries as pieces of lounge music.”

Interview given to Paolo Marra

Contribution shared by Enrico Pieranunzi