Grr… Lingomania Group Expanders.

Album entitled “Grr… expanders” by the group Lingomania. The record was recorded in April 1987 at the RCA Studios in Rome and released on Luciano Linzi’s Gala Records label.

Maurizio Giammarco: tenor and soprano sax/Danilo Rea: keyboards/Umberto Fiorentino: electric guitar and synth/Enzo Pietropaoli: electric bass/Roberto Gatto: drums

The Lingomania quintet recorded their second album entitled “Grr…Expanders” in 1987.

Played and mixed entirely in the studio, the record work represents a further evolution in the timbral and compositional research work of the band’s leader, Maurizio Giammarco, straddling past experiences and a new musical thought, between acoustic and electronic sounds, without ever betraying the legacy of be bop or even the spirit of rupture of the European and Afro-American avant-garde.