Mario Schiano – Sud

Album entitled “Sud” by Neapolitan saxophonist Mario Schiano. The record was recorded in 1973 at Studio 38 in Rome and produced by Vincenzo Micocci for the Tomorrow label (a subsidiary label of RCA)

The lineup accompanying the saxophonist consisted of: Massimo Urbani, Eugenio Colombo, Tony Formichella, Roberto Della Grotta, Tommaso Vittorini, Maurizio Giammarco, Bruno Tommaso, Mandrake, Gaetano Delfini, Roberto Antinolfi, Massimo Bartoletti, Guido Anelli, Marcello Melis and Alfonso Vieira.

Several of the musicians taking part in the recording of Mario Schiano’s record work “Sud” were part of the group of young students in the experimental jazz course taught by Giorgio Gaslini at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.