Modern Art Trio

Album entitled Modern Art Trio. The album was recorded on April 17 and 19, 1970, at Piero Umiliani’s Sound Workshop, supervised by studio designer Paolo Ketoff, and released on the Vedette Records label

Franco D’Andrea: piano, electric piano, soprano sax/Franco Tonani: drums, trumpet/Bruno Tommaso: double bass

The Modern Art Trio was founded in Rome in 1967 and remained in activity until 1972. The first lineup featured Marcello Melis on double bass, who would leave the position the following year to Giovanni Tommaso, who in turn would be replaced in 1969 by Bruno Tommaso. The first and only eponymous record recorded by the Modern Art Trio bears the acronym “Progressive Jazz” on the cover, recalling the trio’s innovative musical proposal oriented toward the synthesis of serial, dodecaphonic and free jazz serial