Montemario Jazz Collective

Articles (by Aldo Di Russo and Giacomo Pellicciotti) that appeared in Musica Jazz magazine (1973) concerning the “Jazz Collective” and “Musicom,” associations of young musicians active in the early 1970s for the purpose of promoting jazz in the suburbs and working-class neighborhoods of Rome and improving the conditions of music workers

Among the participants in the event organized in May 1973 by the “Jazz Collective” in Rome’s Monte Mario district feature the trio formed by Eugenio Colombo (alto saxophone) with Stefano Sabatini (piano) and Francesco Fraggio (drums), the trio of Maurizio Giammarco (saxophone) with Alvin Kimen (synthesizer-moog) and Andrew Cohen (drums), Patrizia Scascitelli’s quartet (piano) with Roberto Della Grotta (double bass) Nicola Raffone (drums) and Massimo Urbani (saxophone), Martin Joseph’s trio (piano) with Michele Iannaccone (drums) and Bruno Tommaso (double bass)

Courtesy of the publisher of Jazz Music

Shared contribution Maurizio Giammarco

Collettivo Jazz Montemario