Music Inn Mondays

Article that appeared in the newspaper “Il Tempo” (January 1978) regarding the concert of American trumpeter and composer Woody Shaw at the Teatro Tenda in Rome for the “Il lunedì del Music Inn” event.

In 1976 the Tenda Theater was opened in Mancini Square, a red and blue circus tent with two thousand two hundred seats between bleachers and stalls.

The “Tent” is an artistic workshop in the heart of Rome, animated by a diverse audience consisting of ordinary people, actors, intellectuals and politicians; plays, musicals, ballets, shows from traditional and avant-garde repertoires are staged.

In 1977, the then young actor Gigi Proietti, staged his One Man Show entitled “A me gli occhi please,” which was a great success with audiences.

Music Inn jazz club owner Pepito Pignatelli is organizing “Music Inn Mondays,” a series of concerts scheduled on the day the Roman actor’s show does not go on at the Tent Theater.

Contribution shared by Enzo Pietropaoli