Muzak – Italian Jazz Dossier

Article (by Gino Castaldo) that appeared in the music magazine Muzak (1976) entitled “Italian jazz dossier”

The article deals with the “new Italian jazz” scene in the period of the second half of the 1970s. He analyzes its development and autonomous and differentiated character in its formal, expressive, and socially and politically engaged aspect, in which the reference to American jazz remains essentially aesthetic. Thus, the approach to jazz remains purely “Italian,” detached from the European jazz scene. A change due to the gradual maturation of the musicians, accompanied by a militant and participatory awareness of the audience

The analysis also focuses on the difficulties of young musicians in succeeding in releasing their record work with major labels, such as RCA, while conversely finding the availability of independent labels, such as producer Aldo Sinesio’s Horo

In addition, essential biographies and discography of musicians and groups from the new Italian jazz scene are presented: Mario Schiano, Giorgio Gaslini, Claudio Lo Cascio, Perigeo, Enrico Rava, Cadmo, Massimo Urbani, Vittorini-Giammarco-Centazzo, Guido Mazzon, and Patrizia Scascitelli

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco