Nunzio Rotondo – The Legend

Compilation released in 2007 by the Twilight Music label entitled Nunzio Rotondo – The Legend. The disc contains the recording of the performance broadcast live on the 10th in March 1963 from the Rai radio studios on Via Asiago

The lineup accompanying the Roman trumpeter included Franco D’Andrea, Joel Vandroogenbroech, Mal Waldron (piano), Maurizio Majorana, Dodo Goja (double bass), Roberto Podio, Franco Mondini, Bruno Biriaco (drums), Romano Liberatore and Gato Barbieri (saxophone)

At the suggestion of double bassist Maurizio Majorana, Nunzio Rotondo called Franco D’Andrea to offer him to join the lineup with which he performs in RAI radio studios. At the same time, the Merano pianist accompanied double bassist Carlo Loffredo and drummer Massimo Rocci in the band of the “Clubino,” a well-known nightclub on Via Veneto

Recently arrived in Rome from Argentina, young saxophonist Gato Barbieri participates with Franco D’Andrea in radio concerts performed by Nunzio Rotondo’s lineup. The saxophonist gradually carved out attention from jazz musicians and record producers on the Italian music scene, to achieve international success a few years later with the composition and recording of music for the film “Last Tango in Paris,” by director Bernardo Bertolucci.