Pieranunzi – Johnson – Baron

Album titled “New Lands” by pianist Enrico Pieranunzi’s trio of double bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron. The record was recorded on June 17, 1984, at Sonic Studios in Rome and released by the Dutch label Timeless.

In 1984 Marc Johnson (a collaborator with pianist Bill Evans and saxophonist Stan Getz, among others) and Joey Baron, touring Italy, were hired to play with pianist Kenny Drew at the Music Inn in Rome. The American pianist, however, is forced to leave the trio suddenly for family reasons.

Enrico Pieranunzi, called by Pepito Pignatelli to replace Kenny Drew at the last minute for the scheduled concert, found himself playing on the stage of the Roman jazz club along with Johnson and Baron. A situation born by chance that will give birth to a long and fruitful artistic partnership.

Contribution shared by Enrico Pieranunzi.