Roberto Ciotti Band

Pictured here is guitarist Roberto Ciotti’s band – formed (from left) by Enzo Pietropaoli, Giampaolo Ascolese, Susanna De Vivo – during rehearsals for the recording of the album “Supergasoline Blues” (1978 – Cramps Records) at the Murales circle in Rome.

Roman guitarist Roberto Ciotti formed in the early 1970s, together with, among others, saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco, the jazz-rock group Blue Morning, with which he recorded his only self-titled album in 1973. Following the release of the record he formed together with bassist Sandro Ponzoni and drummer Alfredo Minotti the Big Fat Mama.

In 1978 came his first solo album “Supergasoline Blues,” recorded for the Cramps label (founded in late 1972 by record producer and photographer Gianni Sassi). This was followed by the albums “Bluesman” (1979 – Cramps Records) and “Rockin’ Blues” (1982 – RCA Italiana).

In 1980 he was among the musicians who opened Bob Marley’s June 27, 1980 concert at Milan’s San Siro Stadium. Over the years Roberto Ciotti recorded several records and gave numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, establishing himself as one of the best blues guitarists internationally.

Contribution shared by Enzo Pietropaoli.