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Poster of the concerts aired as part of Pasquale Santoli’s radio program “A Certain Discourse Music.”

In 1976, the first edition of the music and current affairs program “Un Certo Discorso” was broadcast on Radio3, of which Pasquale Santoli was in charge from the following year. From his idea, since 1979, concerts by the RAI orchestra accompanied by ensembles composed of big names in international jazz have been aired within the radio format (the title of the program became “A Certain Discourse of Music”). Concert productions are recorded in various Italian venues: three concerts in 1979 at the Auditorium del Foro Italico in Rome and eleven productions in 1980 at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and La Fenice in Venice.

The Rai Big Band had among its ranks outstanding musicians from the Italian jazz scene, including Gianni Oddi, Giancarlo Beccattini, Cicci Santucci, Carlo Zoffoli, Sal Genovese, Nini Culasso, Baldo Maestri, Maurizio Maiorana, and Roberto Pregadio, among others.

Ensembles accompanying the Rai Big Band in concert include those of Archie Shepp, Gil Evans, Albert Mangelsdorff, Misha Melberger, George Russell, Alex Von Schlippenbach, and Mike Westbrook.

Contribution shared by Filippo Bianchi.