Soundsphere Group

Article (by Dario Salvatori) that appeared in the weekly magazine “Ciao2001” (1974) regarding the concert of the group “Suonosfera” at the Beat ’72 research theater center in Rome.

The group Suonosfera was born in Rome in October 1973 from an idea of saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco. The lineup was joined by musicians Tony Ackermann (guitar and viola), Eugenio Colombo (flute and alto sax), Nicola Raffone (drums), Michele Iannaccone (percussion), and Gianni Nebbiosi (clarinet and alto sax).

Each member brought to the ensemble their own experience: Maurizio Giammarco was fresh from his militancy in the Roman group “Blue Morning” and from collaborations with Mario Schiano, Giorgio Gaslini, Bruno Tommaso and Andrea Centazzo; American Tony Ackermann, a guitar teacher and recently resident in Italy, came from the folk and country scene, Eugenio Colombo had a rock, particularly British, background behind him, Niccola Raffone had been present in the projects of Giorgio Gaslini and Patrizia Scascitelli, and, finally, Michele Iannaccone had collaborated with the English pianist, also resident in Italy, Martin Joseph and the group “Nuove Forme Sonore.”

The group was distinguished in the Italian jazz scene by the absence of the double bass and the search for improvisation understood as extemporaneous composition, between contemporary and concrete music, strongly inspired by the ensemble of the American composer Philip Glass. Their sound, with a strong electronic connotation, was a reflection of the contradictory cultural and artistic contingent situation, in which formations with a musically heterodox repertoire had difficulty carving out “vital spaces” where they could play freely and continuously.

Contribution shared by Maurizio Giammarco .