Space Jazz Trio – Brochure

Brochure introducing the project “Space Jazz Trio”

In 1984, pianist Enrico Pieranunzi formed the Space Jazz Trio with double bassist Enzo Pietropaoli and drummer Fabrizio Sferra

The pamphlet carried on the front, alongside a synopsis of the group’s philosophy devoted to total interaction among the three members, the score of the song “Deep Song” composed by Pieranunzi at that time and recorded in 1986 for the album Deep Down, with double bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron.

On the back of the booklet were information sheets about the three musicians

Note: For the purpose of promoting the music project, the pamphlet was sent by Enrico Pieranunzi to more than 120 recipients, of which only two gave replies

Contribution shared by Enrico Pieranunzi