Third Jazz Festival in San Remo

Album entitled III Jazz Festival – San Remo. The record released in 1958 by the Carisch label contains a selection of the pieces performed as part of the third edition of the San Remo Jazz Festival by Italian jazz ensembles

In the third edition of the San Remo Jazz Festival held at the Ligurian resort’s Casino Hall on Jan. 18 and 19, 1958, several Italian and foreign ensembles performed, including the Modern Jazz Quartet, Maxim Saury‘s French orchestra, the group founded and directed by clarinetist and composer Bill Smith, the Milan College Jazz Society with English singer Beryl Bryden, a quartet directed by Franco Cerri and Gianpiero Boneschi

The album III Jazz Festival РSanremo collects a selection of pieces performed by the only Italian ensembles: the quintet of Eraldo Volont̬, with guest trumpeter Sergio Fanni and saxophonist Glauco Masetti, the trio of Milanese pianist Enrico Intra, the Basso-Valdambrini Quintet, the trio of pianist Piero Paganelli with saxophonist Flavio Ambrosetti, the quartet and the 10-piece ensemble of trumpeter Nunzio Rotondo

Note: Performances by foreign ensembles are not included in the microstrip due to contractual commitments of the musicians involved

Contribution shared by Claudio Pungetti