Cristina Zavalloni says of herself, “I wanted to be a dancer, but I would never give up music: I have been singing since childhood. Whether it is writing for my jazz groups, performing an opera by Britten or Monteverdi, singing in a large hall or a small club, bringing to life new roles such as Anaïs Nin, Sor Juana or the others written for me by composer Louis Andriessen, I always approach music with respect.

Over so many years, I have learned to move in seemingly distant musical worlds, and if I am asked how one goes from jazz to opera, I say it is a matter of rehearsal schedules, never music. I love the historical twentieth century, a repertoire I have been exploring for years in a duo with Andrea Rebaudengo and now also with Gabriele Mirabassi and Danusha Waskiewicz. Songs such as Berio’s Folk Songs, Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine have become part of me. And when I’m playing with my Special Dish quartet or guesting with Uri Caine or Paolo Fresu’s groups, I feel like I’m coming home.

I consider myself a jazz singer because jazz was my first love-I learned from the voices of Sarah Vaughan, Joni Mitchell, Cassandra Wilson and many others. Then came the discovery of Cathy Berberian and the modern repertoire. This has led me to collaborate with wonderful composers in the world of contemporary classical music.

Singing, writing and composing are equally valuable in my life.
When I get a chance, I enjoy putting on the role of cultural popularizer: that’s how Musical Ephemerides was born, television pills aired on RAI3, collaborates with Sainr louis Jazz’s Cool.”

They say of her:

  • “…Multitasking by instinct, Zavalloni, with her powerful yet surrendering voice to the most diverse generosities, plays James Macmillan, experiments with the Baroque repertoire, cultivates a passion for Brazilian popular music, becomes passionate about the twentieth-century chamber repertoire, and duets with jazz pianists…”| Sabina Minardi – L’Espresso
  • “Singer, performer, composer, Cristina Zavalloni is one of the most original and fascinating characters on the Italian scene. Between jazz and contemporary music, between unusual structures and songs, the Bolognese singer and songwriter has moved with intelligence and passion, producing albums and concerts that have won her the esteem of many of her colleagues and, above all, the attention of the public, leading her to international success.” | Ernesto Assante, La Repubblica – MusicCorner
  • “Cristina Zavalloni, the Great. Like Ella Fitzgerald and Cathy Berberian, Zavalloni loves to unsettle with ever-changing musical choices.” | Franco Fayenz, Amadeus

Collaborations and events

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Cristina Zavalloni

Cristina Zavalloni