Daniele Baddaria emerged in the world of the spectacle in 2005, founding his experience in sixteen years of career on the most prestigious stages in Italy. He started as an Audio Technician, then moved to the position of Backliner, and after a few years he established himself as Stage Manager.

He currently collaborates with the biggest Italian productions in the music scene, the most established event agencies and the most important television stations. Daniele Baddaria has also held production roles in recent years.

Following are some of the professional experiences carried out:

Winter Festival at Tantora (Head Stage Manager), RTL Power Hiots Estate, Vatican Christmas Concert, Wind Summer Festival, Earth Dey Festival, Isle of MTV, MTV Days, Rock in idro Festival, Andrea Bocelli, Nicola Piovani, Giovanni Allevi.

Television broadcasting:

X-Factor , Amici serale, RAI New Year’s Eve, SKY Tv Awards, Tu si que vales. Prodigies, Miss Italy.

International artists:

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Elthon John, Robbie Williams, Dionne Warwick, Natalie Imbriglia, Sting, Ben Harper, Jamiroquai, Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Kelis.

Daniele Baddaria

Daniele Baddaria