Danilo Cherni is the author, along with Maurizio Perfetto and Adriano Lo Giudice, of some of the hits in Antonello Venditti’s recent history (“21 Ways to Tell You I Love You,” “Welcome to Paradise,” “Us,” “Moonbeam,” “Talk Like Kisses,” “Zeman’s Conscience,” “Ruby Summer,” “Monday Girl,” “I Love You Uselessly”). Arrangement and session-man for the same Venditti, Zarrillo, Mia Martini.

A composer of “ambient” music, he has released two CDs (“Follow, Live” and “Well Say It”) and participated in some compilations of the genre. Collaborates with conceptual artists for installations in museums and exhibitions. He was part of the ensemble of folk music of the Notte della Taranta.

Together with Gianfranco Salvatore he founded the Salentino group “Anima” and the ethno-jazz-electronic project Baba Yoga. Along with Gianfranco Salvatore he has written soundtracks for films such as “Dillo con palabras mie” by Daniele Luchetti and “Anastezsi” by Miguel Alcantud. She has also written music for documentaries and has collaborated for many years with Andrea Farri. With Ricccardo Giagni he worked on the music for the films of Marco Bellocchio and Sabina Guzzanti. For the latter he composed together with Maurizio Rizzuto and Riccardo Giagni the music for the tour of the show “Raiot” and “Vilipendio” where he also participated as a musician.

Danilo Cherni since 1993 has been the keyboardist of Fluido Rosa (Pink Floyd Tribute band) with three published CDs; since 2008 of Dyesis (Yes covers); since 2012 he has been a member of Goblin Rebirth with two CDs under his belt and the band Avviso di Sfratto (Rock’n’roll, Jive, 50s).

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Danilo Cherni

Danilo Cherni