Francesco Luzzio graduated from the “Dams” of the University of Palermo with the highest grades, graduated in “Composition and Jazz Arrangement” at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome with the greatest grads, graduate in electric bass at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome.

He undertook the study of the instrument as a self-taught and then continued his studies with Marco Siniscalco, Gianfranco Gullotto, Roberto Gallinelli, Tony Armetta, Paolo Costa, Lorenzo Poli.

He has collaborated with: Mirkoeilcane, Valerio Scanu, Francesco De Gregori, Morgan, Junior Marvin (The Wailers), Joe Lovano, Gabin, Roberto Pregadio Big Band, Galaxy Big Band by Bruno Biriaco, Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band, Santi Scarcella, Lello Panico, Cristiano Micalizci, Massimo Varini, Stefano Malatesta.

Francesco Luzzio

Francesco Luzzio