Giovanni Imparato, artist, percussionist, musician, singer, teacher, professional since 1980. Neapolitan among the foremost experts in Italy of the Afro-Cuban heritage from which he syncretizes (Parthenopean/Cuba) his own musical, existential, cultural and religious frame of reference; initiated into the Regla de IFÁ, Awò “baba eyòbbe fà ilù,” initiated into the Regla de Ócha (santèro omo-Shangò), initiated into the Regla de AÑÁ (“omoalàña, Añá boladè, Orun imalè, priest of the drum “batà”).

Giovanni Imparato as session man collaborates with: Renzo Arbore and the Italian Orchestra, Nino d’Angelo, L.Dalla, Eros Ramazzotti, S. Copeland. R.Cocciante, Mina, Ray Charles, Mystic Diversions, Giorgia, Sunlightsquare, A.Bocelli, R.Carosone, M.Martini, E.Bennato, N.C.C.P. C. d’Angiò, Tosca, M.Ranieri, G.Morandi, S. da Vinci, G.Finizio. He has been teaching percussion since ’84.

Collaborations and events

Afrocubanìa conceived by Giovanni Imparato
Tarenzi and Imparato at Summer Gigs Pro

Giovanni Imparato

Giovanni Imparato