Marco Manusso, musician, journalist, guitarist, singer and arranger has collaborated with Francesco De Gregori, Lucio Dalla, Ron, Mimmo Locasciulli, Gianni Morandi, Patty Pravo, Shel Shapiro, Renato Zero, Mariella Nava, Renzo Arbore, Alex Britti, Francesco Renga, Ray Charles, Bob Brozman and Tommy Emmanuel.

In addition, he has written and hosted various music and entertainment radio programs: The Yes and the No, Inspector Rock, Carta Bianca, StereoRai, Stripsodia, Il Guastafeste, Atlante, and Buono Domenico.

In television he has participated in various television programmes including: La Vita in Live, Geo, Sunday In, Restart from Zero, Match Double, All Wellbeing, Hello Darwin, We Start Well, Telethon.

He has written about music for various music magazines such as Fare Musica, Sound, Audio Review, Guitar Club, Guitars, and is now a contributor to “Acoustic Guitar.”

He teaches rock-blues guitar at Saint Louis College of Music where he has taught courses in “The History of Rock Guitar,” “Guitar Technology,” “Acoustic Biotechnology,” “Bottleneck,” and Fingerstyle Blues for many years.

He also composes music for television programmes and documentaries published by “RAITRADE”. He deals with soundtracks for cinema, preferring young alternative directors. His musical direction, for Italy, of the film “SHREK” (“Dreamworks Production” by Steven Spielberg) and of the series “Il Postino Pat”.

For television he has produced the lyrics of “Cotti e mangiati”, “Under the stars of Bollywood” and the soundtrack of the documentary “3 X 8 Change Turn”.

Collaborations and events

Marco Manusso

Marco Manusso