Marco Ravallese, born in Rome, took up piano study at the age of eight under the guidance of teacher Teresa Cirillo. He deepened his knowledge of pop and blues music by studying with Sandro Borghi and Luciano Gargiulo.

Around the age of eighteen he began an intense concert activity that earned him participation in the Ronciglione blues festival with guitarist Max Bizzarri.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors. enrolled at Saint Louis in late 2006, beginning jazz studies with pianist Pierpaolo Principato. He resumed his studies of classical music under the guidance of Antonio Solimene. With the latter begins also the jazz arrangement studios.

In 2010 he played in the jazz-fusion group “Four Corners”, bringing live the biggest hits of the group Yellowjackets.

In October 2011 he passed the admission examination to the final biennium of the jazz degree course at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, where he was admitted by a vote of 30/30. He began studying with Danilo Rea. Collaborates with Francesco Luzzio, Eddy Palermo, Gianni Di Renzo.

Marco Ravallese

Marco Ravallese