Acoustic Guitar

Pino Forastiere, a fifteen-year career with the acoustic guitar on his shoulder, nine records to his credit as leader, hundreds of concerts in the United States, Europe and Canada.b Composer and guitarist from Lucania, he continues his musical journey on the road of technical and compositional innovation on the world’s most popular instrument.

Curious, restless, an experimenter, a lover of all great music (from baroque to rock), the first Italian guitarist to be produced by the U.S. label Candyrat Records, today Pino Forastiere places a 16-string “LAB guitar” next to his inseparable 1957 Martin D28, a prototype built on his first acoustic guitar.

A graduate of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory with a ten-string guitar, Pino bought for very little money an old Eko Chetro acoustic guitar with a broken neck. Classical guitar has not existed for many years, but Eko is still there, reinvented and full of strings.

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Pino Forastiere