the masterclass


h 18:30 – 20:30
Saint Louis
49/a urban street

The talented artist Ainè will hold a master class at Saint Louis on Friday, Nov. 4, to introduce his new “Hip Hop/Soul/Neo Soul Collective” class, which will begin in November. Ainè, known for his versatility and ability to mix musical genres such as hip hop, soul and neo soul, is an emerging figure in the Italian and international music scene.

The master class will offer participants the opportunity to explore these genres in depth, learning vocal and instrumental techniques as well as the art of improvisation and music production. Ainè will share her experience and creative approach, offering valuable advice on how to develop your own unique and recognizable style.

Saint Louis, a highly prestigious music institute, continues its tradition of promoting excellence and innovation through high-level courses and workshops. The “Hip Hop/Soul/Neo Soul Collective” course promises to be a challenging and engaging training course, ideal for those who wish to delve into these musical genres and grow artistically under the guidance of a professional like Ainè.

This master class is an unmissable opportunity for music enthusiasts and anyone who wants to hone their skills in a creative and challenging environment. Don’t miss your chance to attend this unique event and start a learning journey with Ainé at Saint Louis.

During the Nov. 4 master class, the topics of the new course taught by Ainè at SAint Louis in the 2022/23 academic year will be presented.