Alceste Ayroldi
Siae & co.


h 10:00/13:00 – 14:00/17:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Entertainment legislation, Siae and Enpals: a workshop by Alceste Ayroldi outlining the basic laws of the music and entertainment industry to navigate artistic contracts, copyrights and image protection.

Training credits for academic courses: 1 CFA
Fees: free for Saint Louis students; $40 for outsiders

Seminar program

Basic laws on entertainment. Basic laws of the music industry.

  • S.I.A.E. , copyright, music publishing:
  • Intellectual work, protection
  • Plagiarism of an intellectual work
  • The protection of the work intended for performance
  • The publishing contract
  • The record contract
  • The music program
    The protection of the artist’s image right
    The declaration of commencement of business, security deposit, bill of sale and permit for shows

Modalities for filing unpublished works: Siae vs. Soundreef

The former E.N.P.A.L.S. management.
Art work, types and relationships:

  1. Artistic work: Independent – Subordinate – Parasubordinate – Intermittent – Discontinuous -Occasional – Free
  2. Start-up and working hours
  3. Placement in entertainment
  4. Art contracts
  5. The artistic exclusive
  6. The artistic managerial contract and the exclusivity clause
  7. The protection of the artist’s image right
  8. The association in participation