Barley Arts


h 17:00 – 17:40
One-to-one interviews:
5:40 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Saint Louis
19b cimarra street

Barley Arts

Claudio Trotta ‘s Barley Arts inaugurates Career Nights, a series of events in which Saint Louis engages significant entities in the music industry to tell their story and current projects, giving students the opportunity to learn about and connect with important companies in the field.

Each Career Night appointment is divided into two steps: in the first, the company introduces itself to the students by telling them about its activities in about 30 to 40 minutes maximum. In the second step, the company meets individually with a selection of those registered for the event for an initial cognitive interview.

For the first Career Night event, St. Louis invited Claudio Trotta, founder of Barley Arts, which is internationally recognized as one of the most important organizers of concerts, live music shows and festivals in Italy, to participate.

Career Night with Claudio Trotta of Barley Arts
Thursday, April 18, 2024,
Presentation: 17:00 – 17:40
One-on-one interviews: 5:40 to 7:15 p.m.

course credits for academic courses: 0.5 CFA

Claudio Trotta has deep experience in the field of music: his career began with Radio Montestella, continued in 1975 with Channel 96 with which he began organizing his first concerts. In 1979 he graduated from the Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica as a musical operator, completing his internship at the Teatro alla Scala.
Through television experiences (TeleRadioMilano 2) he arrived with Lucio Salvini (the then director of Ricordi) at the launch of the Country and Folk label, becoming the promoter of concerts in Italy for the artists included in this catalog.
Salvini would later call him for art and marketing direction at Carosello for the Blues & Rock Project series.
Hence the name BARLEY, meaning “hops,” came about as Trotta’s homage to his original passion (country and Anglo-Saxon folk).

Claudio Trotta also edited the edition of “Dizionario Musicale di Milano” (1995) and has been a member of the Board of Directors of several associations, such as ASSOMUSICA (Italian Association of Live Music Show Organizers and Producers – included in the AGIS association – founded in 1996) and YOUROPE (European Association of Live Music Festival Organizers and Producers – founded in 1998).

How to participate?

Admission to the event is free and restricted to Saint Louis alumni and alumnae only.

Through the booking form, it is possible to give availability for one-to-one meetings (optional). Only a few students selected on the basis of the submitted curriculum will access individual meetings.
At the end of the event, all cvs received, including those of those who do not attend the individual meetings, will be handed over to Claudio Trotta.