Concert for Colombia


h 18:30 – 24:00
35 Giuseppe Mirri Street

Saint Louis College of Music is promoting a fundraising eventat the Monk in Rome to help very young Colombian students in need access schooling and nurture their dreams. Seven choral ensembles on stage for a concert not to be missed.

Two Colombian institutions have developed important projects for children and young people from different communities; Quintín Lame (named after an indigenous warrior) and San Isidro, are community education projects to provide education for local people.

These institutes provide various tools to a wide population in the area, from early kindergarten through high school. The government provides the space and faculty, but each family must provide school supplies, uniforms and tools for their children. This poses an obstacle for children to enter school; families do not have enough money to buy the necessary materials for all their children, sometimes giving priority to the oldest while the youngest have to wait at home so they can then study.

In a country like Colombia, where fundraising is, in general, quite difficult, it was therefore thought, in collaboration with the International Office of the Saint Louis College of Music, to take advantage of the opportunity to offer a concert, starring some of Rome’s best-known choral ensembles, to raise funds for these communities.

The appointment is at Monk on Sunday, June 2, starting at 6:30 p.m. to listen to good music together and contribute to the cause, giving the hope of a better future to the children and youth of Colombia. Admission to the concert is free!

On the Monk stage:

  • Counterchoir directed by M° Camilo Vasquez
  • SingUp! directed by M° Fabrizio Vestri
  • Fantasy Voices directed by M° Milena Nigro
  • Saint Louis Pop Choir directed by M° Margherita Flore
  • Remarkably conducted by Maestro Marco Schunnach
  • Le Mani Avanti directed by M° Gabriele D’Angelo
  • Cantering directed by M° Dodo Versino/Filippo Stefanelli