Diemo Schwarz
CataRT Workshop


h 10:00 – 17:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Intensive three-day workshop by Diemo Schwarz, researcher and developer atIRCAM, who will present CataRT, open source software that enables the creation of custom compositions, installations, digital tools and creative instruments.
A full-immersion into the revolutionary sound world of CataRT that will end with a final concert presenting the project work developed during the workshop.


CataRT Workshop
December 17, 18 and 19, 2021
h 10:00-17:00
St. Louis at baccina street, 47

Education credits for academic courses: 5 CFAs

Three-day intensive workshop with limited number of participants (max 12 participants).

Free workshop for Saint Louis students
Participation fees for outsiders: € 80


CataRT is an open source software dedicated to structuring sound grains obtained from large collections of sounds of any kind according to sound characteristics analyzed and chosen automatically by the user.
Sound databases can be explored quickly and intuitively for use in the areas of music composition, sound design, live performance, and improvisation.

The workshop will be primarily devoted to presenting the technology and giving participants the opportunity to use it through “hands-on” sessions in order to acquire the skills needed to create customized compositions, installations, digital tools and creative instruments.

Requirement to participate: basic knowledge of programming Max.

Workshop Program

Day 1 – Dec. 17
h 10-13: introduction + examples
h 14-17: introduction to mubu, audio descriptors, pipo

Day 2 – Dec. 18
h 10-13: interaction, gestural control, live-control (audio mosaicing)
h 14-17: project work

Day 3 – Dec. 19
h 10-13: live recording, composition, transcription
h 2-5 p.m.: corpus-based composition with bach, project work

h 21:00 final concert (location to be determined)

Diemo Schwarz, bio

Researcher-developer atIRCAM (French National Institute for Scientific Research Related to Music Production by Computer and Electronic Means), musician and creative programmer.
His scientific research on sound analysis and synthesis and gestural control of interaction with music is the basis of his artistic work and enables him to bring advanced and entertaining musical interaction to the general public through installations such as the Tell you (Dirt Tangible Interfaces) and augmented reality (topophonic cell phone).

As a musician, he performs on his own digital musical instrument based on his open source software CataRT, exploring different collections of sounds with the help of gestural controllers that recapture musical expressiveness and physicality for the digital instrument, bringing back the immediacy of embodied musical interaction to the rich sound worlds of digital sound processing and synthesis.

He performs and performs improvised electronic music as a member of the 30-piece improvising orchestra ONCEIM, or with musicians such as Frédéric Blondy, Richard Scott, Gael Mevel, Pascal Marzan, Massimo Carrozzo, Nicolas Souchal, and Fred Marty. He also composes for dance, performance, video, and installation.
As a creative programmer, Diemo collaborates with artists Sylvie Fleury, Franck Leibovici, Cécile Babiole, Christian Delecluse, and Françoise Tartinville on interactive installations involving live sound generation and processing or motor control.