Erasmus+ in Madrid
Re-imagining Sustainable Cities


h 10:00
TAI – Escuela Universitaria de Artes
Calle Recoletos, 22 | Madrid

Erasmus+a Madrid – Re-imagining sustainable Cities: an interdisciplinary exploration.

Eight Saint Louis students selected, along with the teacher of the Composition courses. Gilberto Bartoloni, will participate in the BIP (Blended Intensive Program) RE-IMAGINING SUSTAINABLE CITIES: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY EXPLORATION dedicated to revolutionizing sustainable cities through interdisciplinary collaboration, designed by Saint Louis’ Erasmus+ partner institution, TAI – Escuela Universitaria de Artes de Madrid.

With input from experts across Europe, the purpose is to break conventional boundaries to promote new insights for holistic urban solutions. Through lectures, discussions and practical case studies, participants will explore topics such as urban design, cultural integration and technological innovation.
By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools and inspiration to address the complexities of sustainable urban development, culminating in the creation of innovative concepts for utopian and dystopian cities.

Lecturer Gilberto Bartoloni will present the workshop Music and social awarness

For Saint Louis, the following will participate: Alessia Pandit, Caterina Salzano, Daniel Besthorn, Marco Graziosi, Jorge Arturo Higuera Rodriguez, Martin Lucas de Carvalho, Riccardo Rossi, and Jacopo Tarchi.