Saint Louis Music Production


h 21:00 – 24:00
Live at Wishlist
via dei volsci, 126/b

Faces, Saint Louis productions live at Wishlist on Wednesday, April 10.
Artists produced by Saint Louis Music Production all together on the Wishlist stage in San Lorenzo, Rome.

Wednesday, April 10, h 21:00
Live at Wishlist – via dei volsci, 126/b

Line Up


Alessia Pandit, voice
Peter Intotaro keyboard
Valentino Lupo guitar
Marco Gallo bass
Marco Antonelli drums

Over the years, Alessia Pandit, aka Akhila, has dedicated herself to the in-depth study of different musical styles from each other, from Soul to Sufi chanting. Writing represents for her the ultimate place for experimentation, where her vocality and background have a chance to fully emerge.


Alice Favaro, voice
Ej Jacinto, keyboards
Yuri Nicolini, guitar
Marco Gallo, bass
Andrea Pellegrino, drums
Laura Pilloni, voice

Alice Favaro, class of ’98, was born in Treviso. The passion for music began at age 10, first with guitar and then with singing. His true musical expression emerged when he started writing songs, writing that resulted in the release of 3 singles on all digital platforms. In 2021, he embarked on the academic path at Saint Louis College Of Music in Rome to have a complete and free artistic education.
He is currently working on his own unreleased project to be released soon.


Silvio Padovani, voice
Diego De Luca keyboards
Andrea Garozzo guitar, backing vocals
Lucrezia Muscio bass, backing vocals
Luca Marchignani drums

Silvio Padovani, aka Bohris, is 26 years old (so says his ID card) but has actually been 18 for 8 years. Born in a seaside town called Tarquinia, in the province of Viterbo, he has lived in Rome since 2016. He likes to spend time with friends laughing and wasting time and then remembering at the last minute that he has to do something. Between a few laughs and traveling back and forth to Toyland, he likes to write and tell everything that goes through his head.


Claudio Clementi guitar and vocals
Matteo Serafinelli – Guitar
Damiano Niglio – Bass
Livio Salvatelli – Drums

Claudio Clementi is a Roman composer and musician. It starts with the first single “Apnea”, in 2020 in full pandemic. He began to get noticed and acquainted with his solo project. Between 2021 and 2022 he releases two more singles, “Supernova” and “Survivere”, indie/rock tracks that lead him to a sound rich in synth and electric guitars. In April 2023, he released for the Saint Louis label the song “Equilibristi” confirming the sound undertaken and all the influences received from the Italian and international music scene, with autobiographical and introspective lyrics.