Facts and Misfits
of industry
Italian music


h 19:00 – 21:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

The music industry according to Alceste Ayroldi: presentation of his new book “Facts and Misfacts of the Italian Music Industry” with interviews with industry professionals.

Alceste Ayroldi, music critic, essayist and Saint Louis lecturer , will talk about the Italian music system at the presentation of his new book. Moderating the meeting, with questions and insights on the topic, will be Paolo Marra, Head of the Saint Louis Library

Alceste Ayroldi’s book, written with contributions from Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei and Sabrina Pecoraro, contains many interviews with music industry professionals-Claudio Angeleri, Claudia Barcellona, Luca Conti, Alessandro Fedrigo, Gianna Fratta, Giovanna Mascetti, Stefano Mastruzzi, Alessandra Micalizzi, Simona Parrinello, Giordano Sangiorgi, Gianluca Testani, and Riccardo Vitanza.

“The purpose of this book is to be a guide into the world of the Italian music industry, also turning the spotlight on all the situations that appear rather nebulous. This, starting with some questions: how genuine is the music we listen to?

Are musicians’ behaviors spontaneous or “commanded” by marketing thinking heads? Do record companies assist or exploit the musician? What does the state do? Are conservatories and music schools adequate and up to date? Has music criticism been buried by the free spirit of social?”(A. Ayroldi)

Facts and Misfacts of the Italian Music Industry
with Alceste Ayroldi
Friday, March 22, 2024
h 19:00 – 21:00
Saint Louis via baccina, 47

Free admission by reservation.

A witty view of the Italian music system: released on September 15, in bookstores and digital stores, Alceste Ayroldi’s new book “Fatti e misfatti dell’industria musicale italiana ” (also available on Amazon at this link ), published by Arcana Edizioni, is first and foremost an explanatory essay on how the national music market functions today, following the previous handbook “Entertainment Law and Copyright in Musical Works” published last year with the same publisher.

Lecturer, music critic, essayist and veejay, Alceste Ayroldi is one of the leading figures on the Italian scene. With this new book, it recounts and highlights the workings – and malfunctions – of the Italian music industry system through nine chapters, including a didactic if not exactly “didactic” chapter on Communication, edited by marketing and promotion expert and lecturer Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei, plus two paragraphs – one of which is included in the aforementioned chapter – edited by Sabrina Pecoraro, researcher and lecturer at the University of The West of Scotland.

In his career, Ayroldi has interviewed hundreds of internationally renowned artists-such as Pat Metheny, George Benson, David Bowie, Ringo Starr, Santana, Brian Ferry, Billy Cobham, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Richard Galliano, Dhafer Youssef, Carl Palmer, Brad Mehldau, Trilok Gurtu, John McLaughlin, Steve Vai, Lady Gaga, and Laufey through his long collaboration with Musica Jazz magazine, Jazzitalia, and other magazines.

He is artistic coordinator of the Multiculturita Europe Contest, teaches at Saint Louis College in Rome, the University of the West of Scotland, the University of Palermo, and is a regular contributor to Rete Due of Italian Swiss Radio.

From the multifaceted nature of his professional experience, Ayroldi makes in-depth reflections while not neglecting some criticisms of the Italian and international music system, opening a debate embellished, in the book, by the insights of some distinguished professionals in the field whom he interviewed for the occasion: conductor and pianist Gianna Fratta; Giovanna Mascetti, president of the Association of Italian Music Agents and Managers; lawyer Claudia Barcellona, an expert in entertainment law; Riccardo Vitanza, patron of the Parole & Dintorni communication agency in Milan; and Giordano Sangiorgi, music and cultural promoter, creator and organizer of Mei – Meeting Etichette Indipendenti (two interviews edited by Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei); Alessandro Fedrigo and Simona Parrinello, musicians and respectively president and member of the board of Midj – Musicisti Italiani di Jazz; Alessandra Micalizzi, associate professor as well as researcher at the Sae Institute in Milan; Gianluca Testani, editorial director of Arcana Edizioni; Luca Conti, editor of Musica Jazz magazine; Stefano Mastruzzi, musician and general manager of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome; and Claudio Angeleri, musician, president of the Centro Didattico produzione Musica in Bergamo and also of the Associazione Nazionale Scuole Jazz e musiche audiotattili.

Interventions that tell the complexity of the Italian music industry, made up of productive sectors that intersect and collaborate: from the music schools that train artists, to the record companies that create the final products, to professional musicians, to music critics with the specialized (and non-specialized) press, to the press offices that give voice to artistic works, to tour managers, to social media managers who, never before as today, have become fundamental in an artist’s career. Plus, promoters, festival organizers, artistic directors, industry publishers, and trade associations. An ever-growing macro-sector on which considerable figures revolve.