The guitar
becomes an orchestra


h 14:30 – 16:30
Saint Louis
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

The guitar becomes an orchestra Free masterclass at the Saint Louis headquarters in Milan to present the highly specialized Pop-Rock course with Maurizio Colonna.

An excellent opportunity to meet the faculty, learn about the new upper-level courses and all the new educational innovations that usher in the opening of Saint Louis’ new location at the Bodio Center in Milan.

Guitar becomes orchestra, the course with Maurizio Colonna
Classical Technique in the World of Pop and Fusion, edited by Maurizio Colonna.

When we play the individual parts of a pop arrangement with the guitar, we enter a unique sound world. Then when a polyphonic synthesis is made with the guitar, in which in addition to the theme and harmonic parts of a pop song, the groove of the rhythm section is reproduced, the guitar becomes an orchestra.

The objective of the course is to explore this guitar dimension, in which the use of classical technique is functional to the understanding of the topics covered.

The guitar becomes an orchestra
Masterclass presentation
27 January 2024
h 14:30 – 16:30
Saint Louis Milan
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

Free admission by reservation, subject to availability.