Saint Louis Live


h 21:00 – 24:00
Via Stefano Colonna, 9 – Rome

Saint Louis Live band’s live concerts continue at Glitch, in the heart of Pigneto.

On stage
Andrea Rosatelli and the labs formed by Saint Louis students and directed by Dario Giacovelli.

Guest of the evening LaConoscente, who will present her latest EP “A Thousand Faces, a work created to give voice to the experiences and emotions that can arise even from a simple exchange of glances with perfect strangers.

LaConoscente is a Roman singer-songwriter who mixes her pop influences with indie and singer-songwriting.
His music originates from the need to create a connection with the listener, to make him feel deeply involved in the artist’s experience and personal experience.

Saint Louis Live at Glitch feat. Andrea Rosatelli & LaConoscente
Tuesday, May 21, h 21:00
Via Stefano Colonna, 9


Line up

Lost In SLMC feat Andrea Rosatelli
Martia Lamoglie – Voice
Asia Tamanti – Voice
Carolina Pascucci – Voice
Simone Zauli – Guitar
Guglielmo Giacomoni – Guitar
Luca Franciosa – Piano
Andrea Rosatelli – Bass
Paride Ciotti – Drums

The Music Circles feat Andrea Rosatelli
Solveiga Gurliauskait̬ РVoice
Christos Kavazis – Voice
Beatrice La Sala – Guitar
Guido Giuliano – Piano
Andrea Rosatelli – Bass
Antonio Amica – Drums

Ilaria Conoscente – Voice
Lorenzo De Angelis – Voice and Guitar
Licia Missori – Piano and Synt bass
Andrea Vettor – Drums

Portrait of You by Dario Giacovelli
Imma Balduccelli – Voice
Irene Caccavo – Voice
Simone Lao – Voice
Giuseppe Liuzzi – Guitar
Ignacio Cantero Burroni – Guitar
Diego De Luca – Piano
Leonardo Cervini – Bass
Marco Antonelli – Drums

Hybrid Music by Dario Giacovelli
Roberta Biagia Cassarino – Voice
Iolanda Isabella – Voice
Emanuele Carboni – Guitar
Tommaso Maiello – Guitar
Giacomo Boscaino – Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Nicoletti – Live Electronics