Sheila Jordan
the masterclass


h 14:00 – 18:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Sheila Jordan’s masterclass is a unique opportunity for all jazz enthusiasts and singers eager to deepen their vocal and interpretive technique.

Sheila Jordan, legendary jazz vocalist, is renowned for her extraordinary improvisational skills and unmistakable style that has influenced generations of musicians.

During the masterclass, Sheila Jordan will share her vast experience gained over decades of her career, offering valuable advice on how to develop a unique and personal voice.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of jazz singing, including improvisation, song interpretation and emotional connection with the audience. In addition, Sheila will demonstrate techniques to improve breathing, intonation and stage presence.

The event will feature in-depth didactic moments alternating with hands-on sessions, during which participants can perform and receive feedback directly from Sheila.
This direct interaction will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from one of the most respected and admired voices on the international jazz scene.

Sheila Jordan’s masterclass is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to improve their vocal skills and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of jazz.
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a true music icon who continues to inspire and excite with his timeless art.