Sivan Arbel
the masterclass


h 19:00 – 21:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Sivan Arbel Masterclass entitled “The connection between the individual and the band as you present your own sound and story,” open to all, including outsiders, on these three topics:

  • “Feeling the odd meter” (h11:00-13:00)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Improvise with what you have, using different dynamics and telling your story” (h18:00-19:00)(1/3 CFA)
  • “Fusion – Introducing and explaining the different styles and music generes. I will demonstrate how we can use it to make our own style” (h 19:00-20:00) (1/3 CFA)

Fees for 1 class with Sivan Arbel:
25 students; 35 for outsiders

Training credits for academic courses: 1/3 CFA