Studio guitar


h 12:00 – 14:00
Saint Louis
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

Free studio guitar masterclass at the Saint Louis headquarters in Milan to present the Pop-Rock high school course with Davide Aru.

An excellent opportunity to meet the faculty, learn about the new upper-level courses and all the new educational innovations that usher in the opening of Saint Louis’ new location at the Bodio Center in Milan.

Studio guitar , the course with Davide Aru

The course by Davide Aru aims to stimulate the guitarist’s creativity, in a context of realistic simulation of studio work, with the goal of making him or her autonomous in the production of the sound of their own guitars, and more.

They will work on edited pieces from the most current repertoire of Italian, Spanish and South American artists, together with the teacher, who will play the role of producer. The course aims to stimulate the musician to interact with the piece, trying to play with a more total and less “self-centered view of one’s instrument,” never leaving out the role of instrumentalist.

studio guitar
Masterclass presentation
8 February 2024
h 12:00 – 14:00
Saint Louis Milan
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

Free admission by reservation, subject to availability.