The Fairytale
Live Sessions


h 21:00 – 24:00
The Flying Donkey
Via Antonio Coppi 12

The Fairytale Sessions, live concert at The Flying Donkey.

Concerts featuring Saint Louis students continue. An explosive lineup as always, with six incredible bands on stage, led by Diego Cignitti, Gabriele Giovannini and William Stravato.

The Fairytale Sessions
Tuesday, April 30, h 21:00

Live at The Flying Donkey – Antonio Coppi Street, 12

Free Entrance

Line up

Meat Vale by Diego Cignitti
Francesco Conte – Guitar
Nicole Conte – Bass Guitar
Matteo Tancredi – Drums

Funk Killers by Gabriele Giovannini
Beatrice Pagnoni – Voice
Maria Beatrice Galzerano – Guitar
Thomas Jake Verderosa – Guitar
Gianluca Scassa – Piano
Nicola De Cesare – Bass
Claudia Caprara – Drums

Radio London by Gabriele Giovannini
Carlotta Pellegrini – Voice
Francesca Secci – Voice
Lorenzo Patacconi – Guitar
Luca Giordani – Guitar
Emanuele Eleuteri – Bass Guitar
Giuseppe Uttaro – Drums

Wonderbook by Gabriele Giovannini
Francesca Degnitti – Voice
Davide Patacchiola – Guitar
Nicola De Cesare – Bass
Biagio Accurso – Drums

Radio Rome ft. William Stravato
Valeria Beciani – Voice
Luca Francesco Fabiani – Guitar
Leonardo Diaferio – Guitar
Flavio Guarasci – Piano
William Stravato – Bass Guitar
Giovanni Sebastiani – Drums

Black to Black by William Stravato
Alice Venanzoni – Voice
Francesco De Sanctis – Guitar
Ginevra De Tommasi – Guitar
Filippo Costa – Piano
Nicola De Cesare – Bass
Thomas Caredda – Drums