The keyboardist
of the third millennium


h 15:00 – 17:00
Saint Louis
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

The keyboardist of the third millennium Free masterclass at the Saint Louis headquarters in Milan to present the Pop-Rock advanced course with Alberto Tafuri.

An excellent opportunity to meet the faculty, learn about the new upper-level courses and all the new educational innovations that usher in the opening of Saint Louis’ new location at the Bodio Center in Milan.

The keyboardist of the third millennium, the course with Alberto Tafuri
A famous and eccentric singer, a fine arranger, a visionary producer, an up-and-coming band. Here are your next clients, or if you prefer, your next traveling companions. They’ll ask you to be daring and not overdo it at the same time, to be creative but respect the writing, or more mundanely they’ll ask you to ‘play it a little less bluesy,’ ‘don’t put too many notes,’ or ‘do something like xxx.’ And you must be ready!

PLAY THE SOUND: Every sound produced by a specific instrument has music in it, learn how to find it!
PRODUCE YOUR OWN SCORE: Your score has a unique place in the arrangement, find out where it is!
FIND YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: Make your playing unique by drawing inspiration from the great Pop/Rock keyboardists and shape your own style!

The keyboardist of the third millennium
Masterclass presentation
31 January 2024
h 15:00 – 17:00
Saint Louis Milan
Viale Bodio, 37 – Milan

Free admission by reservation, subject to availability.