The sound of silence:
protect your hearing


h 17:00 – 19:30
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

“The Sound of Silence: protect your hearing,” is a free workshop, held in collaboration with ACS, to raise awareness of protecting the most precious asset for a musician: hearing!

Musicians are exposed to varying sound levels, and prolonged exposure to noisy environments can cause irreversible damage to our auditory system. The delicate structures of the inner ear are susceptible to damage that can lead to a variety of hearing problems.

As musicians, our ears are our livelihood. It is critical to prioritize hearing protection to ensure a long and healthy career. Simple precautions, such as limiting exposure to noisy environments and using protective equipment, can go a long way toward preventing hearing damage.

That is why Saint Louis organized a meeting with experts from ACS, a leading British company in the field, exclusively for students.

We look forward to seeing you on Jan. 26 at h 5:00 p.m. at the office on Baccina Street, 47 for a free workshop.
Reservations, subject to availability.

Workshop program

  • The Sound of Silence: understanding hearing problems
  • Tinnitus and deafness
  • The damage caused by incorrect exposure
  • How to increase awareness and take precautions
  • Learning from experience: real-life examples

The speeches will be in English and Italian. During the event, there will be an opportunity, at no cost or commitment, to have earprints taken free of charge by qualified ACS staff.

ACS is a British company committed to providing state-of-the-art hearing protection solutions. Their range of products, including custom earplugs and in-ear monitors, is designed to meet the specific needs of musicians, offering unparalleled comfort and protection.