Universal Audio


h 15:00 – 17:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Workshop on Universal Audio ecosystem for music production for Saint Louis students only, Monday, Feb. 5, in collaboration with Midiware.

Universal Audio
with Alessandro Bizzarri

Monday, February 5
h 15:00 – 17:00
Saint Louis via baccina, 47

UNIVERSAL AUDIO – UAD is now a de facto ecosystem that enables an “analog” approach to ITB music production, faithfully emulating studio outboards that have made recording history and developing innovative technologies to meet all complex production needs.

During the worskhop, Alessandro Bizzarri of Midiware, will present the DAW LUNA Recording System and modeling technology with Sphere microphones and Hemisphere software, as well as UAD plugins, which with the new native-format versions can no longer be used only with DSP-equipped Apollo interfaces but with any other sound card (including the UA Volt series).

Free admission and reserved for Saint Louis students by reservation.

Academic course credits: 1/2 CFA