Valton Beqiri
odd and complex times


h 16:00 – 19:00
Saint Louis
Via Baccina, 47

Valton Beqiri odd and complex tempos the masterclass, the complexity of the rhythms of the Albanian musical tradition and their use in orchestration and arrangements” requires an appropriate approach to the distinctive characteristics of these rhythms and thus needs specific work.

The odd and complex tempos typical of this musical tradition present a challenge to both musicians and arrangers, making a deep understanding and refined technique essential to integrate them harmoniously into modern compositions.

Valton Beqiri, pianist, composer, arranger and conductor, is a prominent personality in the Kosovo cultural scene. His vast experience and talent have made him a prominent figure in contemporary music, masterfully blending elements of traditional Albanian music with modern styles.

Beqiri has devoted much of his career to the study and enhancement of traditional rhythms, managing to convey their complexity and beauty through his compositions and arrangements.

Beqiri’s work not only celebrates his country’s musical roots but reinterprets them with a contemporary twist, offering new perspectives and enriching Albania’s cultural heritage.

His influence in the field of music and culture is considerable, and his commitment to the dissemination and preservation of traditional Albanian music continues to inspire musicians and composers around the world.