Italian Affiliates Schools

Italian Affiliates Schools Saint Louis College of Music expands the possibilities of cultivating a passion for music from a very young age by transferring its know-how in Higher Education to music schools and music colleges in different regions of Italy.

Students between the ages of 12 and 17 will be able to take music courses in Jazz, Pop, Songwriting, Electronic Music, and Applied Music, acquiring the skills necessary to enter directly into Saint Louis’ three-year academic courses, depending on the level of preparation attained.

Pre-academic music education reaches a new level.
Music-oriented colleges and high schools can now supplement their courses by enriching them with specific teachings drawn from the pre-academic curricula of the Saint Louis pathway.

Private music schools can organize pre-academic level courses recognized by a MUR-accredited institution, offering their students the opportunity to prepare for entrance tests and cultivate their passion directly in their own region.

A unique opportunity for young talents, private music schools and music colleges to acquire and disseminate professional skills, without ever moving from their region.

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  • Variety of Music Courses: students can take music courses in Jazz, Pop & Songwriting, Electronic Music, Composition, Film Scoring and Applied Music.
  • Pre-Academic Training: students can acquire professional skills directly in their region, with the prestige and authority of Saint Louis.
  • Economic Opportunities: students who enroll in Saint Louis academic courses after their pre-academic education can access partial or full scholarships or waivers.
  • Educational continuity: students have the opportunity to integrate their high school preparation with higher music education, so as to acquire the skills required to continue their musical studies and access accedemic courses, upon completion of their schooling.
  • Reliable Program: courses are curated and coordinated directly by Saint Louis College of Music, ensuring high quality teaching.
  • Academic paths recognized by the MUR: The agreement guarantees a validated and recognized course of study for access to first and second level academic courses authorized by the Ministry of University and Research.
  • Benefits for Students: students can study at schools in their local area, avoiding expensive transfers or travel, to prepare for admission to a college pathway while still in middle or high school, saving valuable time.
  • Financial benefits: students are eligible for partial or full scholarships when enrolling in Level I and II academic courses at Saint Louis.

Affiliated colleges and music high schools

Saint Louis at School with You, below are the colleges and music high schools that are affiliated in the pilot project active as early as the 2023/24 academic year. All new conventions will be activated from 2024/25. The time required to establish a convention varies from 3 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the institute and the number of courses to be activated.

Civic music school | San Lorenzo del Vallo
Music high school


Affiliated schools

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