Music production

From the creative stage to the recording studio.

Saint Louis and Music production each year selects and produces numerous original art projects, from single tracks to Ep and whole albums. The philosophy of Saint Louis record productions is aimed at the Enhancement of new creative talents, supporting the artist every step of the way: from the compositional stage to the recording and release of the CD, to record distribution and nationwide promotion through the art agency, social media manager and in-house press office.





From the creative stage to the recording studio

Music production the philosophy of Saint Louis record productions is geared toward enhancing new creative talent, with artist support at every stage of their journey, from music composition, arrangement and production, under the careful guidance of artistic and creative direction.

Artistic Direction and A&R

All stages of recording are supervised by a producer who artistically guides each activity.


High-fidelity audio recording, the use of level equipment, and the expertise of professionals allow every nuance and sonic detail to be captured, creating a high-quality finished product.

High sound quality

Saint Louis Recording Studio offers the best of both the analog and digital worlds, providing artists with an exceptional recording environment that combines the warm authenticity of analog audio with the creative possibilities and precision of digital technology.


Your music everywhere

Distribute your music to the world’s leading digital music stores and streaming services available: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Beatport, Napster and many others.

Access to spotify for artist

When your music is on Spotify, you can access your artist profile and your Spotify for Artists dashboard, where you can track performance and manage content. In addition, you will be provided with the pre-save link to start promoting your record release right away.

Free ISRC and UPC

Saint Louis Productions is enabled to assign UPC and ISRC codes that will come in handy in identifying your tracks and earning from your publications.

Monetizing your content

Access detailed reporting on the monetization of your audio content.


Put a face to your project

Everything you need to put a face to your music project. A comprehensive package that allows you to build a strong online presence through customized tools, ensuring the creation of a high-impact visual image. Our range of services covers every aspect of your artistic journey, providing the solid foundation needed to make you stand out and get noticed.

Website + EPK

Creation of a professional website and EPK: a digital postcard that will provide insiders with all the information they need to find out about your project.

Graphics, artwork and logos

Graphic creation of cover images, artwork and booklets for CDs and vinyl records.

Video clips and photo sets

Shooting and editing music video clips and photo shoots.


Amplify your music and widen your network

Music production, our promotion service is designed to help bands gain visibility and success in their music career through a variety of online and offline promotion services. The goal is to amplify your music to new listeners to reach high streaming numbers.

Press Office

Production of press release, inclusion in newsletter, sending to news outlets, and sending digital postcard to radio stations.

EPK / Digital Postcard

Creation of a digital EPK (electronic press kit ) postcard to present your project in a professional manner to insiders.


Sending the song to playlists and curators in line with your music. Inclusion within the Saint Louis playlist circuit.

Social + ADV

Social network management and social identity development. Organic content dissemination and sponsored adv planning.


Bring your songs to the stage

Smooth scheduling of concerts and artist appearances. Our goal is to simplify the performance management process so that artists can focus only on their performance.

Live and concerts

Inclusion within the programming of live formats organized by Saint Louis.


Inclusion within the programming of prominent Saint Louis festivals such as Jammin’ and Special Guest.

Tours and engagements

Organization of tours in Italy and abroad.

Professional pool

The Professional Pool allows you to connect with companies looking for qualified professionals, such as musicians, singers, and composers. The goal is to be hired for the production of audio productions, videos, films, TV series, events and more.



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