Applied Music Techniques

Applied Music Techniques by Giulia Tagliavia, new elective subject. The course will be held fortnightly on Wednesdays h 18:15 – 20:45 starting February 1 (4 CFA)

Students interested in participating can register through their student area, “electives” section. Technical and cultural skills specific to the creation of a soundtrack. Soundtrack, where to start? Design analysis and ideation of a universe are:

  • Theme, processing of musical material, meter and rhythm
  • Elements of instrumentation and orchestration: the visual field and the sound field
  • The efficient composition, stems, and consistent use of material
  • Production of mockups, sync on scene, exchange work with director(s)
  • The relationship between music and sound design
  • Music recording, how to choose and manage an instrumental ensemble with which to create a soundtrack.
  • Hands-on rehearsals and studio workshops