Art Lab with Serena Brancale

Art Lab, from creation to performance: workshop on creative writing, interpretation, arrangement and live performance

Serena Brancale offers ArtLab, an innovative educational course dedicated to songwriting and developing one’s creativity.

Song-writing, the world of the songwriter

How do you write a song?
What is the starting point, the lyrics or the music?
Taking a cue from a harmonic base, one works on the realization of one’s own unreleased song keeping in mind:

  • -> the musical idea … the focus of the unreleased, the sound and the musical reality to which it belongs. Analysis of points and cues between genres and songwriters.
  • -> the text to be set to music… analysis of the text and development of its expressive potential, refinement of periods using synonyms, antonyms and rhymes. Metrics, musicality, and content.
  • -> cues to create … listening moments dedicated to historical songwriters as opposed to modern language. Creativity as the protagonist of work.

Arrangement and production

Development of own original arrangement idea.

Live performance: the voice

Work on repertoire related to one’s own listening, studies and musical culture. Interpretation, interplay, improvisation.

Art Lab, 36-hour workshop, weekly meetings of 90 minutes each, starting in January 2019

Training credits for academic courses: 6 CFAs