Composition workshop

Composition workshop 10 meetings dedicated to music for Opening Sequences in the Series.
The course, taught by lecturers Gianluca Podio, Cristina Carlini and director Valentina Bertuzzi, is structured as a creative workshop aimed at composing an original Theme Song.

The educational course is divided into three modules (3 meetings of 3 hours each):

1. Interactive lectures and projections by Valentina Bertuzzi:

  • Theme Song: the sonic identity of a Series
  • Opening Sequences: visual theme and musical theme
  • Analysis of successful models
  • Method and process of musician/character identification

2. Historiographical lectures and projections by Cristina Carlini:

  • Overture: evolution of the Series from its beginnings to today
  • Monographs. Creative identity and lifetime of Theme Song composers

3. Composition workshop by Gianluca Podio:

  • Composition of a Theme Song for Series

Final meeting with the three teachers to listen to and discuss together the Theme Songs created by the students.

Meetings on a biweekly basis, Saturdays (shift B) from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Baccina Street office, according to the following schedule:

Composition workshop

January 13 and 27
Feb. 10 and 24
March 10 and 24
April 7 and 21
May 5 and 19

Education credits for academic courses: 4CFA

Skills required to participate in the Workshop:

  • Knowledge of Cubase or other sequencer (e.g., Logic) such that you know how to do programming and exporting of original projects and audio/video synchronization to sound out given images.
  • Writing and reading the treble clef and knowledge of chords in the form of acronyms as used in the lexicon of popular music and jazz.
Theme-Song-Workshop di composizione