Contemporary acoustic guitar by Pino Forastiere

The contemporary acoustic guitar – Workshop by Pino Forastiere.
36-hour module divided into 9 4-hour meetings starting March 2 through June 22, Saturdays (h 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) fortnightly.

The all-American expression of “Contemporary Acoustic Guitar” is intended to define a modern style of performance and composition aimed at moving beyond the canons of traditional popular music and contaminating it with elements from different genres, including cultured ones.

Changing tunings (made easier by the stability of metal strings), new advanced performance practices, and an ever-increasing quality of amplification allow extraordinarily free and “orchestral” writing for this instrument.

Often technical solutions arise out of compositional necessity, and once again emphasize the not fully explored potential that the acoustic guitar offers for future music.

The course

Contemporary acoustic guitar in most cases, the performers are also composers of the works performed, so the course will also focus on composition for acoustic guitar.


Basic elements of advanced technique: tapping, articulation, polyrhythmic synchrony between left and right hands. Initiation to alternative and open tunings.


Study of mid-level pieces focused on the performance of folk songs, traditional blue-grass, finger-style and contemporary acoustic guitar. Reference authors: Robert Johnson, John Fahey, Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee.

Advanced techniques of contemporary acoustic guitar, percussive guitar, finger-style. Reference authors: Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi, Leo Kottke, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Pino Forastiere.
Study of some synthesis pieces of all techniques (high level). Authors: Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Pine


Composition for acoustic guitar with reference to the techniques acquired and an in-depth study of multiple alternative and open tunings.

Authors and reference passages:

1 – The Zipper, Alex de Grassi 2 – Turning back, Alex de Grassi 3 – Aerial Boundaries, Michael Hedges
4 – Ragamuffin, Michael Hedges 5 – L’Alchimiste, Pierre Bensusan 6 – Bean Time, Leo Kottke 7 – Time Twelve, Leo Kottke 8 – Helms Place, Billy McLaughlin 9 – Solitary Women, Ralph Towner 10 – Drifting, Andy McKee 11 – Dominic, Pino Forastiere 12 – Studio no. 5, Pine Forastiere

Fees: €290 Saint Louis students; €440 external

Training credits for academic courses: 4 CFAs

Contemporary acoustic guitar di Pino Forastiere