Diana Del Bufalo, Lost In You

February 12 sees the release of Diana del Bufalo’s “Lost In You,” an unreleased version of the LP song, made together with the band from Saint Louis College Of Music, an Institute of Advanced Music Education in which Diana Del Bufalo herself studied. A ‘breakup song’ for Diana Del Bufalo ‘s Saint Louis label debut.

The idea was born after a surprise performance at a club in Rome, during which Diana managed to establish a very strong interplay with the band, and thanks to the arrangements of Valentina Ramunno (also a teacher at the Roman music school) “Lost In You” was chosen as the actress’ first single to be recorded inside the Saint Louis recording studio.

A breakup song, we said, but Diana adds her explosive, unique, catchy, elegant touch, that magic that has made her one of the most sought-after artists in Italy.

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